Locksmith services

Locksmith services

We provide comprehensive locksmith services for individual customer needs. We have an extensive machinery, thanks to which we can fulfill many types of orders, i.e.:


Our company makes all types of threads in the area of locksmith services, which meets the needs of various sectors of activity in Pomerania and beyond. These are both metric and symmetrical threads – in accordance with the applicable technical requirements. External and internal threading regardless of the direction of rotation – right and left. We also offer various threads in relation to the division to diameter: ordinary, fine and coarse.

In this way, it is possible to make threads:


We provide drilling services for the needs of technical assumptions. We provide drilling services covering all types of locksmith-specific works, including:


Metal grinding services lead to perfect detail accuracy in terms of dimensions, shape and other features. At the same time, grinding the surface also affects the aesthetics and proper functioning of the element. This type of finishing work on the surface of the material is performed on various types of surfaces. Grinding can be done both on shafts and planes and in the case of holes. A wide selection of grinders and grinding wheels – the basic tools for the grinding process – allows you to achieve the expected results in most cases, regardless of the specificity of the material.


Riveting services are a permanent and mechanical connection of two or more elements using rivets. In order to carry them out effectively, it is enough to access the connected parts from one side. R iveting was very popular before welding techniques were invented, and it is still often used these days as a means of joining different materials.

Our mission

It is the provision of professional locksmith services and more, and our idea is to share professional knowledge at every stage of cooperation. We are a company with many years of experience, we have a modern machinery, with high qualifications among our employees and we offer a wide range of specializations. As the Elgrunt Laser company, we invite you to cooperation. Our plant is located in Gdynia.

We have a modern machinery that allows us to provide the highest quality products, maintaining 100% repeatability.


Our company has been on the market since 1991, we provide a wide range of services even for the most demanding customers.


We have many modern specialized machines, thanks to which we create comprehensive services for our clients and partners.


To meet the expectations of our customers, we work on efficient machines that allow for short term processing.


We work in Lean Management standards constantly optimizing our processes, thanks to it we can offer competitive prices.