Deburring and grinding of steel, aluminium and brass

The ever-increasing needs and expectations of our customers contributed to a further expansion and extension of our machine park with a machine for deburring, edge grinding and spinning as well as satin-finishing and surface polishing. The RWT deburring machine is the perfect addition to our laser cutting range. The cut material can be deburred, ground or spun, leaving parts free of sharp and unsightly edges. The deburring machine is an interesting and at the same time innovative device, making the grinding of a component even and repeatable. And, at the same time, very efficient compared to manual grinding of sharp edges. Economic progress and high customer expectations are forcing companies to produce high-quality components, which is why deburring and grinding steel, aluminium or copper is perfectly in line with current market trends in the area of CNC machining.


Which materials do we hail?

What is deburring?

Deburring is the removal of sharp burrs on the workpiece, which is nothing more than smoothing the surface, i.e. black steel, aluminium or brass. Most often, this process is carried out to prepare the workpiece for the next machining stage. Grinding or otherwise spinning the steel means that each part can be fitted to a different component, this is important when creating different structures. Grinding, or the blunting or chamfering of edges, allows larger structures to be built from smaller components. This has an exceptionally large impact on the aesthetics of the final product as well as its functionality and, at the same time, its safety. Sheet metal deburring is a service that meets the highest expectations of our customers. Our deburring machine has a working capacity of as much as 1100 mm, which makes us the leader in this service in Pomerania. Our extensive machine park offers a wide range of interconnected services, which provides convenience, flexibility and the ability to offer competitive prices. The high-end equipment we have allows us to carry out orders quickly and precisely, and we deliver our products nationally and internationally. We invite you to take a look at our full range of services.

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Why is conventional deburring of workpieces not efficient and cost-effective?

Manual steel processing creates a lot of dust, which puts workers at risk and, in the long term, can cause lung disease, asthma and respiratory problems. In addition, manual grinding methods take much longer. The deburring of aluminium, stainless steel or brass with a deburring machine is safe, above all because of the high-quality filters used, which meet the highest standards for filtering out dangerous dust. This is crucial particularly when grinding aluminium, the dust from which has flammable properties. We use the highest quality equipment at our facility. The RWT deburring machine with a work table of 1100 mm meets the expectations of our customers perfectly – the machine does not leave any sharp edges or burrs in the material to be processed, and it also completely eliminates cutting gas oxides. Therefore, if you are looking for top-quality services in the area of edge smoothing, you should consider edge grinding with our equipment, which is fast, precise, repeatable and safe. With a modern fleet of machines at your disposal, you can always count on the highest quality. Use our company and specialists to get the results you want.

Why is conventional deburring of workpieces not efficient and cost-effective?

There are industries that require a high degree of precision and every millimetre must be ground with the utmost care, sometimes even imperceptible deviations of one component from another can result in problems with the assembly of the structure or even failure, which can generate financial losses. It is also important to bear in mind that often components that should be subject to grinding and are not, may have their service life reduced, sometimes due to frictional forces and the possibility of baked-on contact surfaces. The deburring service counteracts and compensates for such risks, and the reproducibility of the parts created is almost identical in compliance with all the specifications. Each component fits together and this does not create unnecessary problems and standstills during assembly, and the construction itself will be durable and aesthetically pleasing.

What makes Elgrunt Laser special?

Above all, we have modern machinery, many years of experience in the market, a qualified team of employees and a wide range of related services. By combining several of these areas, we are able to provide a comprehensive service, and our well-located production facility in Gdynia enables us to deliver services by land and sea directly to our customers at home and abroad.

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