Welding services

Welding services

It is a process whose aim is to connect two separate materials by heating them and melting them at the point of contact, where the material will be fusible. The heat necessary for this process is usually provided by the welding arc, which is generated by electric current. The strength of welds and the surrounding material is influenced by many factors, such as: the amount and concentration of input energy, the weldability of the base material, filler material and flux, the design of the joint. We specialize in offering welding services of various types of materials, such as structural steel, stainless steel, aluminum welding. Thanks to this, we are able to perform and carry out the entire process of welding services from the design to the finished structure. We work with materials such as:

Welding services we use

TIG – welding with a tungsten electrode in an inert gas shield (Tungsten Inert Gas; TIG method). This method uses only the heat generated by the welding arc. The process takes place in the environment of a chemically inert protective gas. Usually it is argon or helium. The TIG method is slightly slower than other methods, but at the same time it allows you to obtain a nice, decorative weld, which is particulary important in visible places.

MIG / MAG – these methods consist in melting additional material into the weld. Then the material is fed through the wire feeder with the welding gun connected to it. In the MIG method, (Metal Inert Gas; MIG method), the welding process takes place in a shield of chemically inert gases, for example argon or helium. On the other hand, the MAG method (Metal Active Gas; MAG method) is the opposite, using a chemically active gas, for example carbon dioxide. This type of structural welding is very versatile, especially in steel welding.


Fanuci PRO laser welder

We offer laser welding that is versatile and safe to use on delicate surfaces. Laser welding combines materials of various types, thicknesses and shapes. The obtained welds are hardly visible, aesthetic and extremely durable, and the deformations of the joints are barely visible. After completed process there is no need for mechanical post-processing . Currently, laser technology in welding is widely used in many industries, including automotive industry, astronautics, electronics, aviation, energy generation, sanitary equipment production, matrix production and regeneration, food processing and broadly understood external services, etc.

Assets of laser welding

Our mission

It is the provision of professional services in the field of welding and the provision of the most technologically demanding solutions along with sharing knowledge at every stage of cooperation. We are a company with many years of experience, we have a modern machinery, with high qualifications among our employees and we offer a wide range of services. As the Elgrunt Laser company, we encourage you to cooperation. Our plant is located in Gdynia.

We have a modern machinery that allows us to provide the highest quality products, maintaining 100% repeatability.


Our company has been on the market since 1991, we provide a wide range of services even for the most demanding customers.


We have many modern specialized machines, thanks to which we create comprehensive services for our clients and partners.


To meet the expectations of our customers, we work on efficient machines that allow for short term processing.


We work in Lean Management standards constantly optimizing our processes, thanks to it we can offer competitive prices.